Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hey guys!

Long time no see, but I've suddenly found the desire to do some blogging, so brace yourselves. Today I have decided that I must come clean about a horrible addiction I have and that addiction is to Lush products.

I saw tons of pictures online of the infamous bath bombs and I decided that I must try one. Once I did I was most definitely hooked. How they work is you take the wonderfully fragrant ball of bicarb and just plop it in your bath and it turns it into a beauteous painting. Not to mention that it makes your skin baby soft once you're all done.

For example, here is the Fizzbanger in action. (It smells like apples!)

This one was actually shipped to me broken, but it still turned out okay.

Next up, perhaps not as exiting, is the Dragon's Egg bath bomb. This one smells super citrusy and is definitely one of my favorites. It turns the water the most gorgeous orange color and releases clouds of glitter that swirl in the water around you (and surprisingly no glitter gets on your skin!).

There are tons of other various bombs that are loads of fun as well that I won't go in to, but are very worth a try.

And if you're into bubble baths they also have these lovely little balls of  joy called bubble bars that you crush under the faucet and you get glorious mountains of bubbles!

Here I used about a quarter of a bar... so you can imagine how it might look if you used the whole thing! I've also used bubble bars as a sort of soap and it made my skin mega silky soft.

Lush doesn't only have bath products though! They also have a ton of skin care, shampoo, shaving, soaps, etc. I have come to really like this company and their products, and it's definitely nice knowing they're handmade with natural ingredients. All the products I have tried so far have left me feeling smooth and clean which is always a good thing! 

I also can't not mention how well Lush does rose scents. Generally rose scented products have that unmistakable hint of granny embedded into them, but every rose product I've tired form Lush has been just perfect. My all time favorite product by Lush has got to be their Rose Jam shower gel. It's really upsetting that they only sell it around the holidays :( ( you can also get it in a gift set year round, that's rather expensive though)

LASTLY, one thing that I can't not mention is that if you're going to be buying things from Lush online anyway I would use the UK Lush site. It's not as easy to navigate as the US site, but most things are less expensive. And who doesn't want to save a few bucks? Some quick Google conversions are required from pounds to dollars so you know how much you're spending. You do have to wait a bit longer for shipping (not too long generally a week and a half for me), and it's the same $6 per order if you're in the US.  

Anyways! I think I'm all finished raving about the company for now. Let me know what you think you guys. I'm sure I'll be making more posts in the future about products I fall in love with from Lush. 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Baby Ella

Everybody! Meet my very first niece Ella Alexandria! She was born this year right on Father's Day which I thought was pretty perfect.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Selfies

My horrid (she'll understand the compliment) friend Ms. Marianna and I have taken it upon ourselves to take a strange selfie whenever we go out together. I'm not sure at all how this tradition came to be or why we started it but here is a sampling of the outcome. Enjoy :)
One from last night's trip to Portland.

One from Zoo Lights!!!

Two from New Years

And one from the lady's birthday dinner :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Trip to My Sister's

My lovely sister got married recently and I hadn't seen her in a long while so I made my way over to spend a day relaxing with my lovely. We took a stroll (and shamelessly played on a near by teeter totter), napped, and ate Nutella (be jealous). Here are some pictures and what not that I thought would be lovely to share.