Friday, April 6, 2012


Oh boy, we're already six days into April and I still haven't gotten around to posting anything. And it's spring break, too I've got plenty of time. And yet it's always during breaks that I don't post and during times when I'm supposedly busy I seem to have all these ideas and thoughts and yada yada, you know? So now that I am done rambling about that I shall ramble about some other things ;D since I did, in fact, title the post "Rambles." I had thought to myself several times to post about such or much for the last two weeks and now I guess I will just post it all at once.

But I did not completely waste the break! I did my nails :) See:
I thought the design looked really nice and it's actually super easy.

Let's see, what else? Well, I managed to get off easy on April fools day (luckily, the pastors at church didn't plan anything frightening for us) and the only time someone tried to fool me it didn't really work. But I have had my fair share (alright, maybe not so fair, I tend to stay away from people on April 1st) of "fools" mind you. Irremovable dirt on the the back of your pants, do you realize you're late, recess is canceled (this one was in fifth grade and was rather devastating. The teacher actually kept us in for five minutes!), and so on an so forth. 

All the same it's better than getting hit in the head with a stop sign. Speaking of which: guess what? I'm done with drivers ed! YAY (It's about time, Juli...) Although I was kind of upset about having a final during spring break I'm glad it's over.

But, of course, school is just around the bend waiting to jump out and scare the life out of me (perhaps literally, since I will have no life aside from school once the ninth rolls around). But it's always a blessing being able to go to school and learn so much.

Alrighty, I think that is pretty sufficient for a blog post! I'm off to continue with the break. Ciao!

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