Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer List

Summer has officially come here at my house! So here's a list of things I think would be awesome to do during the summer. I guess I'll blog about it if I do any of these.

1. Have a picnic. Who doesn't love a classic checkered blanked and basket picnic? I think it'd be really fun!

2. Go to Oaks Park. Okay, I know that Oaks Park is not the most amazing amusement park on the planet, but it's a tradition for us to go each summer. Can't forsake that now.
3. Learn how to cook something new. I will master the art of cooking! :) Maybe I could convince one of my siblings to cook with me. The more the merrier!

4. Get a beautiful hat to wear     during the summer.

5. Learn how to play one song on the piano. I've learned to play the piano like a million years ago and I haven't been using any of my so-called skills. Wanna get back in the groove of playing something beautiful on the piano.

6. Wear a long and fancy dress.

7. Go to the beach for at least one day.

8. . . .

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